Painted Plates

June 16, 2024

with Sara Sremac of Screamie Weemie

CLAY AS CANVAS! The decorative capacity of the clay surface has no end. Get inspired to paint the flowers blooming in the field and the many animals on the farm. In this 2 hour workshop co-hosted by artist Sara Sremac of Screamie Weemie, participants will use underglazes and stains to paint colorful patterns, scenes and decorative motifs on bisque-fired ceramic plates.  Painting with underglazes on bisqued ceramic is unique, and the feel of it is unlike that of acrylic, oil or watercolor. The results of this process will be unexpected! Each participant will have the option to paint two plates- one of which can be finished and fired in the kiln for pick-up the following week, and the second donated to the farm for use at Coyote Cafe. Previous experience with ceramics or painting is helpful but definitely not necessary! Curiosity is required! Ages 12+

About Sara Sremac
Sara is a multimedia professional artist living in Queens, NYC. She can be found tattooing, oil painting, embroidering, or drawing. In ceramics she loves to handbuild when she can find access to it, and worked for a few years as a fine line production painter for the artist Michele Quan of MQuan studios. Sara’s work stems from a self-taught background in drawing and illustration. She loves to tell stories and make figurative, narrative work across mediums, finding new surfaces and tools to process the magical curiosities of the world, nature, colors, and her mind! She is excited to get loose and create these plates together, weaving unique worlds that can transport you.



This course is valued at $175. All courses are pay-what-you can afford; we suggest a range of $45-$250.

Painted Plates

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photos courtesy of Rinne Allen and Sarah Ryhanen