We are engaged in the work of world-building...

Where as the Agriculture and Craft are rather obvious aspects of what we focus on at school, the denotion of Thought as one of our pillars is intended to describe the circling around and questioning of the old and new philosophys and ways of living which drive our main question: how can we tinker at the fringes of society to conjure subtle and radical new ways of being human on a damaged planet.

An example of an ‘old way’ would be intergenerational, communal living which we practice with care and constant adjustment. 1

An example of ‘new way’ would be our attempt to move towards a fluid, non-hierarchical organizational model which balances a thriving organization of people alongside a thriving organization of plants, animals, soil and water. This requires deep listenting, careful observation and continual reevalutation. Mistakes are made!

By borrowing certain aspects of learning institutions (501-c3 status, monetary exchange with some students) while rejecting others (consolidated power, exclusivity) we continue experimenting ... organizing ourselves around evolving desires and needs in tandem with our ecosystem.

1. This organization of kin/communities was common until the closing of the commons, the spread of settler colonialism and the erasure of indiginous peoples worldwide. Only within a few generations have we lost this powerful practice to the force of Capital and its proclivity for unbounded growth, individualism, etc.

Worlds End School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
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photos courtesy of Rinne Allen and Sarah Ryhanen