Ceramic Bud Vase Building

June 2, 2024

Learn from Kristen Mounsey of Secret Meeting.

Learn how to use clay to pinch small bud vases that are perfect for the table in this 2 hour handbuilding workshop. Kristen has been making ceramics at Worlds End for years, supplying almost all of the vessels used in Saipua’s wedding floristry. This is a chance to learn to make your own.

Participants will leave the class with a knowledge of how to make a lasting vase form to display a small handful of flowers, and the option to fire a piece of theirs.

Some prior experience with handbuilding and ceramics is useful, but not required.

This course is valued at $150. All courses are pay-what-you can afford; we suggest a range of $25-$250.

Ceramic Bud Vase Building

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photos courtesy of Rinne Allen and Sarah Ryhanen