Seed Starting and Saving Basics

June 2, 2024

Learn the basics of successful seed starting and saving with Mark House of WESTAC

Learn the art and science of successful seed starting and seed saving from Worlds End farmer, Mark House. True self sufficiency blossoms with the ability to grow your own food from seed and then save seed from what you grow for future use. This 2 hour class will give you the basics to get started.

You'll learn the differences between heirloom, open pollinated and hybrid seeds, how to determine germination rates of seeds, methods for successful seed germination and seedling growth. You will also learn how to select plants for seed saving, process and clean seed effectively, and store seed for the longest viability.

This course is valued at $150. All courses are pay-what-you can afford; we suggest a range of $25-$250.

Seed Starting and Saving Basics

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