The school is ...

Entrenched in the material world of the farm at Worlds End. Everything we learn and teach here is caught up in a web of relationships formed between particular species we cohabitate with, aspects of this environment and the tangled narratives and histories we bring with us. We aim to 1. spark curiousity 2. cultivate practices of careful observation 3. encourage experimentation. We learn by doing. 

A person cleans dirt from a radish

We teach and learn about growing food, seed starting, soil health, composting, we teach and learn shepherding, spinning, weaving, floral design, we teach each other about beauty and setting the table and choosing paint colors, we teach cooking and soap making, essential oil blending, plant medicine, we teach about bookkeeping and setting up small businesses, we teach mah jong and how to cut and stack firewood. We teach rituals, processes and we share observations. We learn through failures and iterations. We learn through trying new things, making things, ingesting things, rumination and regurgitation of things, and destroying things. 

A person works in a ceramic studio inside a rustic barn

A lot the schools work happens around the kitchen...

There are no classrooms, official textbooks or documents at Worlds End; our ciriculum is born from oral traditions and spread through conversations standing in the hallway, working in the gardens, over our whatsApp, during meals, shouted across the field while moving sheep, through writing and video distributed on the internet, and through gossip networks forged over the last decade.

People eating together at a rustic dining tale

What is being taught and learned depends on who is living here...

Some years there is a basketweaver, some years a baker. There are almost always floral courses and soapmaking courses. There is cooking/gardening/shepherding coursework regardless of when or why you come to school. Some people come for the day or for dinner, some come for a week, some stay years, others go and come back. 

A person's hand pinches a clay pot into shape

Everyone is welcome to investigate and visit the school...

Come for a meal at the coyotecafe, volunteer for a week of work/exchange, or join the week-long residency program. Learning happens everyday. 
Worlds End School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
123 De Kay Dr, Esperance, NY 12066 | ︎
photos courtesy of Rinne Allen and Sarah Ryhanen