Worlds End Urgent Needs

Contribute to items needed right away for the start of our season...

As part of our spring fundraising campaign, we’re offering ways to donate directly to an aspect of the farm that’s in urgent need of repair or replacement before the season starts.

Monetary donations aren’t the only way you can help out. If you see something on this list that you can tangibly help with (Know how to replace a tractor starter? Have some old canvas laying around that you need to re-home?) get in touch! We love creative solutions and working within our community whenever possible.

New Starter for Tractor

This is the most urgent item on our list... parts and labor for replacing the starter is a whopping $1,600 out of our budget. We use this tractor across all farm operations almost daily: from moving compost and dragging sheep shelters, to mucking out the barn and mowing pastures.

Sheep Shelters

Long summer days can make our sheep unfomcortably hot, and our sheep shelters are in desparate need of new canvas covers to provide the flock with shade.

Breeding Ram

After  taking a season off from lambing, we need to purchase a new ram with great genetics to build out our 2025 flock.


Last year we began overhauling our kitchen garden. This season, it’s going to be one of our main teaching spaces. We need 3 tons of gravel to fill in the drainage trench.


While we’re proud of our closed loop compost and manure fertilizer production, our soil still needs ammending each season. Mark likes the neversink blend.

Broiler Chicks and Laying Hens

Support our poultry program with a donation for new laying hens and broiler chicks this season.

You can also donate to our general 2024 Fundraising Campaign here

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photos courtesy of Rinne Allen and Sarah Ryhanen