Composting Basics

August 11, 2024

Learn the science and magic of composting with Mark House of WESTAC

Whether you are a beginning backyard gardener, seeking to become more self-sufficient or just wanting to learn more about composting, this 2 hour course will provide you with the basics on the science and the magic of turning food and yard waste into black gold.

Topics include: 

  • The science behind the process
  • How to build and maintain an efficient compost pile 
  • Different options for sifting and containing a pile 

Topics such as vermicomposting, making compost tea, differences between animal and plant based composts will also be discussed.

This course is valued at $100. All courses are pay-what-you can afford; we suggest a range of $25-$250.

Composting Basics

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photos courtesy of Rinne Allen and Sarah Ryhanen