Floral Arranging 101

May 26, June 30, and Aug 18,  2024

Learn from Sarah Ryhanen of WESTAC

In this 2 hour course students will learn the basics of floral design - color, texture and form. They will head to the flower field and select a bucket of stems to work with and then return to the barn studio to arrange their selections in a mason jar to take home with them.

This course is valued at $150. All courses are pay-what-you can afford; we suggest a range of $25-$250.

This class is offered 3 times; please be sure you are booking the correct date!

Floral Arranging (May 26)

Floral Arranging (June 30)

Floral Arranging (Aug 18)

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photos courtesy of Rinne Allen and Sarah Ryhanen